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Position value: In doing things this way, the entire trade is complete on a single row. Get Updates Emailed to You Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Premium Premium is the price I am paid for selling a call or put. Open and close are pretty self explanatory.

The Spreadsheet

One of the biggest benefits of tracking your trades in a Google Spreadsheet is that you have a detailed record of your decisions, which you can review and learn from. If I bought to close the option then I would add that additional commission to the original value.

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It is build in Google Sheets. Staying organized to reduce errors: I use a Google Finance call to look up the stock price so you must use the ticker symbol as recognized by Google Finance.

TRADE Tracking Spreadsheet – Option Trading Coach This way, I always have a record of my closed trades. The number of days remaining in the options contract.

Thinkorswim options trading paper money Price This is the premium I pay to close a contract. This means… You can very easily track your trades in only a few minutes per day… without having to update price data… from anywhere in the world! Status Status can be one of four work at home jobs hilton hotel open, close, assigned, early assignment.

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Current Stock Price This field shows the current stock price of the underlying stock. Exit Price This is the price to exit the option.

  • Another benefit is these Google sheets are stored in the Google Drive cloud.
  • If I did, I could sell options with less up front money.
  • Tracking trades forces you to be deliberate:
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  • Populates automatically by subtracting lot size x entry price — lot size x stop loss.

For example, you may decide to add other columns, such as: This will help you see the R-multiple of the current trade. Break Even Price This field shows the break even price for the option exclusive of any fees.

Options Tracker Legend

Put Margin Reserve This field calculates the amount of money needed in the account for a naked put sold in an account work from home 11419 margin. Break Even Price This field shows the dollar amount of the underlying stock that equals my breakeven price. Using the formula in the sheet, this will update automatically Lot size: Options work in share increments.

This way I can get a more granular feel for the profitability spreadsheet to track options trading my trading system.

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  2. Early assignment costs me money.
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  4. Options Tracker - I Track All Open Calls And Puts On This Options Tracker.

I like to manage multiple accounts from this spreadsheet. Call or Put This field indicates whether I sold a covered call or cash secured put.

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I choose to use my cost basis. Calculating the rate of return can be tricky, as discussed here: This will be x the strike price.

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Here are some great related resources on tracking your stock trades and staying on top of your investment portfolio… More Resources for Tracking Your Stock Trades: And your brokerage records are always a good back-up to have.

Any other features you would like to see?

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Status Open, Closed, or Exercised. C C stands for contracts and indicates how many contracts you either sold or bought. This can be helpful for seeing when money is tied up for long periods of time, which can help you adjust your trading system to be more efficient.

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  • That cash is ear marked for that option trade in case it gets put to you.

Personal Capital is excellent spreadsheet to track options trading tracking investment fees, asset allocation, and even my monthly budget. Sound good?

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Thanks, Dan! As promised, below is a screenshot of my Google Spreadsheet that I use to track stock trades.