Live Intraday Trading in Commodity || Profit 75% with 4000 Rupees Investment Only

Intraday commodity trading strategy.

Live Intraday Trading in Commodity || Profit 75% with Rupees Investment Only - trade oil etf

Suddenly crude oil shows the reversal and its break the ATP. Like we have bought 1 lot crude oil at with SL.

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Please ignore this. All agree cultural tradable commodities are cyclic, nature dependent and economy dependent too.

MACD With Pivot Points : Perfect Intraday Strategy With Crude Oil

Though the information given by me is half cooked but I have given the hint for all the necessary parameter which you need to do a perfect commodity analysis. What I know, I am sharing only that.

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Jay Kumar at This article is only for learning purpose. Going one step further it is classified into two more categories economy dependent and economy independent commodity. Its more than enough for intraday trading.

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In cage strategy, kept open a Buy order above the high and Sell order below the low. When a commodity break the high or low level then most possible its make the new big high and low. The correlation tool is readily available in Microsoft excel to do the job for you.

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As a commodity trader identify the trend using the cycle theory approach, do the correlation analysis with domestic or any global standard currency. We are not registered with SEBI and joining our educational service is non refundable.

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For non cyclic, industry dependent commodity the price is directly proportional to the demand. ATP Crossover: You will do many mistakes. For like this trick, you should have good practice.

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Cyclic commodity B. Cage Strategy: Time frame: Non Cyclic Commodity Further more commodities are classified as the nature dependent and industry dependent.

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We just try traders to use our knowledge and expertise for their financial gain and stay motivated. ATP Respect: In this trick, we add extra lot with same stop loss. In this, we buy one month and sell next month same commodity same the time with very small SL.

You should not worry about it. The demand and supply curve which makes the movement in the commodity price is always over shadowed by the global activities.

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If crude oil now starts to down side and its come near to our stop loss then we can add one more lot of crude oil at levels with same SL. Near the ATP support or resistance, ATP crossover, cage strategy and some important levels and impulse buy and sell will generate, you will identify it wrongly and will trap in it and your SL will hit.

You can read many books and join many online and offline courses about intraday trading how do i convince my boss to let me work from home commodities, they will tell you round-round many things to impress but finally for earn profit in real practically intraday commodities trading, this one only possible methods.

Mostly time commodities show big movement after 6: You can add pivot level also in it. Some time your target will very high so it will reverse and hit your SL before hit your target even you were intraday commodity trading strategy profit at a time.

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  • If its hit stop loss then loss will be very small for extra add one lot but if its respect our SL level and its start to raise without hit our SL then we will have 2 lot and our avg.
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When any commodity cross the Editor work from home uk then most possible it will show any big movement. If there is any big intraday commodity trading strategy then we can generate extra profit also after recover loss with SL hit one lot. Related Posts.

how do i convince my boss to let me work from home href="">Introduction broker forex must understand the internals of the commodity trading. Work from home jobs that require certification Setup and Read: Some time both SL hit and big loss.

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We have followed the strategy in live trading session and made profit social service jobs from home more then with just investment of rupees. When a order execute editor work from home uk the Cage strategy, Just place SL slightly below the previous high for buy order and slightly above the previous low for executed sell order.


Strong Commodity: The beta decoupling method also has great success in commodity trading. Similarly with weak commodity, ATP works as a resistance for weak commodity.

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Comment us for any query. I can identify also what mistakes and problems you will face during forex analyst jobs london learning: Weak Commodity: Hence the next way out of this problem is "Simplest analytical procedure to forex analyst jobs london and apply in commodity trading" a.

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The most intelligent method to analyze this commodity price is to use the correlation analysis of domestic currency with the domestic commodity price. Nickel is a naught commodity; it can give surprise with sharp big movement either bull or bear side any time of day, so keep aware about it.

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Commodity trading is based on international news because direction of trend can find by the international news and price only but this is always a headache for trader. Trading tools and software must be used for earning good profit. It is my sincere requests do not ever analyze the commodity price editor work from home uk on technical indicator, oscillator or moving average study alone.

Tradable commodity is classified into 2 work from home request email template A.